Hammersmith Bridge

Keep Hammersmith Bridge car-free!

Five years of freedom from cars!

It's been five years since Hammersmith Bridge was closed to motor traffic.

Five years of reduced traffic, not only on Hammersmith Bridge (obviously) but in the surrounding area too. Five years of reduced pollution and congestion.

Five years that have shown there's no need for cars to be allowed to cross Hammersmith Bridge.

So let's celebrate our freedom from cars and say: keep Hammersmith Bridge car-free!

Read the report on Hammersmith Bridge by climate action charity Possible

Hammersmith Bridge re-opens for bicycles, cargo bikes and e-scooters

LBHF re-opened the roadway of Hammersmith Bridge for bicycles, cargo bikes and e-scooters on Tuesday 13 February.

A 3-metre wide two-way central lane has been built across the bridge. The lane will remain open for ten weeks.

This means that cyclists no longer have to dismount and walk their bikes across, which frees up the footways for pedestrians.

We welcome this move by LBHF, even though it is (at this stage) temporary. We are not sure what will happen at the end of the ten week period. Nevertheless, it's a start!

Read more on the LBHF website

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